Uncategorized April 29, 2023

Did You Know That Selling Your Home Is A Lot Like Fishing!


Selling Your Home: A Lot Like Fishing

  • 90% of any great marketing plan is pricing your home in the right range.
  • Your home must be priced below those homes with more features or your home will sit on the market until those have sold.
  • Three things can happen when you go fishing and when you sell your house.
    • No nibbles or no showings.
    • Nibbles but no bites or showings but no offers.
    • Nibbles and bites or showing and offers on your home.
  • Buyers are like a school of fish. If your house is priced right, or placed within the “sweet spot” of the market, you’ll catch a buyer.
  • Even in the worst markets, 10-12% of listings sell at full price. That’s because these homes were priced in the “Sweet Spot.”
  • Setting a price should be based upon homes that have actually SOLD or are UNDER AGREEMENT.
  • The list price must be reviewed every 3-4 week and adjusted accordingly.
  • While other agencies have limited marketing plans, COLDWELL BANKER’s systemized “Cast A Huge Net” approach GUARANTEES immediate exposure! So if we don’t see activity during this time (Nibble and Bites), there must be a pricing problem and an adjustment MUST be made.
  • A new listing attracts the most activity when first listed. The highest chance of sale is when it’s new! Setting a realistic price will take advantage of this time period.

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